Hosted by Maricela Robles
Woohoo, Your Are In!!

The Series has officially ended for

Meditation for Modern Kids

(monk robe not required)​

Online Masterclass Series


All before your kids stole the phone to find that game they like.

But before you give up your phone,
One More Thing…

Want instant access to all the mindfulness exercises, tips and guided meditations that our experts are dishing out on the interviews?

And help develop reliable, scientifically based tools that will help children all over the world reduce stress, increase their resilience and overcome trauma?


Then you need to know about the Meditation for Modern Kids Kit…

…a way for you to make sure you keep all interviews (and goodies) long after the masterclass series is over.

Listen to every speaker (at your own pace, forever).

Try every exercise with your kids (without worrying you’ll forget about it) to find out what helps them become calmer and less anxious.

And the best part?

ALL of the proceeds of this Kit… that’s right 100%

Will be distributed equally to

the HeartMath Institute AND the Black Lives Matter Organisation

The HeartMath Institute is doing amazing work in researching and developing reliable, scientifically based tools that empower children and adults to reduce stress, increase resilience and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices.

The Black Lives Matter organisation is working tirelessly to eradicate systemic racism, end police brutality and support all black people.

Because I know that no matter how far in advance we plan things,
#momlife is all about interruptions and going with the flow,

And sometimes that means that the live session you wanted to attend is not happening.

This is why I wanted to give you this opportunity,

Plus you’ll be supporting the HeartMath Institute in continuing to develop scientifically based initiatives such as:


Which is now giving kids EVERYWHERE free access to their new educational programme:

HeartSmarts® Adventure.

In which children will be learning life-affirming habits and skills. 

And the Black Lives Matter Organisation: 

Who is supporting Black communities to change policy, amplify their stories and create spaces for Black imagination and innovation.  

BOTH of these organisations are working to support adults and children to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. 

Your contribution will be helping ALL children
(including many who have overcome hardship or trauma)
gain truly life changing skills.

Learn how to raise happy, kind and resilient kids…
– no matter what -.

Here’s what the Meditation for Modern Kids Kit Includes:

Edited MP3 Recordings

You get to keep every single interview. 

Listen at your own pace, rewind as many times as you need (in case little people are interrupting) and try different exercises with your kids at home.

Bonus Live Session with Me, Maricela

Exclusively for upgrade participants.

I’ll provide you with specific exercises to use with your kids to create more calm
(like the one I created for my son to deal with his anxiety in going back to school after quarantine).

And you will be able to ask me ALL your questions about introducing meditation and mindfulness to your kids.

Gratitude Worksheet for Kids

Exclusively for upgrade participants.

A one week Gratitude Challenge that children can do at home to instill calm and gratitude everyday.

All yours for only $67

Upgrade to the Meditation for Modern Kids Kit NOW

**Important: The Kit will be available for purchase for this week only.
On Sunday 5 July at Midnight CET it will go
officially into the vault, for its long sleep.