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Starts 22 June 2020

Meditation for Modern Kids

(monk robe not required)​

Helping mammas raise happy,
kind and resilient kids in the digital world.

Hosted by Maricela Robles

Meditation for Modern Kids

(monk robe not required)​

Helping mammas raise happy,

kind and resilient kids in the digital world.

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Hosted by Maricela Robles

Get your free spot Today

If you could gift your child the ability to have empathy for others, overcome challenges and fear with ease and feel less anxiety and more confidence…

Would you give it to them?

Or would you continue to…

If you’re ready for your child to experience calm, confidence and resilience
– No matter what –

Then I’ve got good news!

During this series,
you’ll uncover how to:

During this series,
you’ll uncover how to:

Why should your kids Meditate?

Anxiety and depression in children have continued to increase year on year.

Heartbreaking data shows that between 2007 and 2017 teenage and young adult suicide (10-24 yr olds) rose by 56% and suicides in children ages 5-11 doubled in recent years.

These numbers are not going to be reduced by the latest parenting style or technique (and it won’t be solved at school).

Because it’s not about you as a parent, it’s about your children as individuals.

They CAN help themselves and find the strength and love within to live a confident, compassionate and happy life…with a little guidance.

You’ll also get insights into breath work, music, yoga, mindfulness and more from experts all over the world.

Meet the Meditation
for Modern Kids Experts

(None of them own monk robes, btw… I asked)
Aimee Hartley
Dr. Charlotte Reznick
Melissa Corkum
Tejal V Patel
Allison Davies
Camelia Felton
Sara Campin
Charlie Stewart-Brown
Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald
Stephanie Goodman
Greville Henwood
Maricela Robles

These wonderful, modern
and non-monk experts will show you:

How to help your kids overcome fear and anger by using imagery techniques.

How to use music to help your kids increase their focus and develop better memory.

How children’s brains develop and why it’s important to teach them mindfulness and meditation skills now.

How to address challenging behaviours that don’t involve yelling.

In addition to receiving exclusive FREE access to 10 of the leading
meditation and mindful experts there is also...

1. A private Facebook community to continue the conversation on how to get your kids on board.

2. Daily Facebook Live Q&A sessions with the experts to learn how to start and which path makes more sense for your family.

3. Prizes to be won that make introducing zen into your family life even easier.

Get full access to the interviews from 22 to 27 June 2020.

Listen on your own time, learn something new and inspiring and connect with experts and other moms who also want the best for their kids.

Who is your host and why is she obsessed with
monk robes?

(In 3rd person so let’s pretend someone else wrote this part)

Maricela Robles is an environmental lawyer, turned children’s author and certified meditation teacher who helps parents effortlessly introduce meditation to their children through bedtime (or anytime) stories.

In addition to writing books like “You don’t need your body to sail a boat” & “Why does mummy always sleep sitting up?” that get children excited about trying meditation after the very first reading, Maricela provides parents with all the tools they need to get their kids meditating through her website Meditation Fairy.

Maricela lives in Switzerland with her husband and 6 year old son. When not writing on her laptop or scribbling ideas on her notepad you can find Maricela analyzing the newest animated movie with her son or exploring the Swiss mountains hiking trails.